Friday, November 15, 2013

Dodging the bullet

And people say places like the local public library are boring. There I am, browsing the DVD shelf; the elderly librarian is busy sorting returned items; and the second member of staff, a young, not entirely unpretty girl, is tapping away on her computer.

Cue middle-aged creepy guy, messed up hair, tracky dacks, the full program. He starts playing around with the catalog terminal, then directs his attention to the service desk:

Creepy guy: Hi

Hot library chick: Hi how are you? (she seems to know him)

Creepy guy: Good thanks. How have you been?

Hot library chick: Alright, thanks, it's been a quiet day.

Creepy guy: What do you do once you're finished here?

Hot library chick: Oh just spending time with hubby and the kids

Creepy guy: Ahh … sounds … nice
Creepy guy: I … was going to ask you out. A movie or something like that.

Hot library chick: Ohh … right … sorry

Creepy guy (wanders off)

Older librarian lady gives Hot library chick the what was that all about? look

Hot library chick: WHAT? One day I will have a husbands and kids...

Nice one, baby. I must admit I find her just a little bit hotter now, after learning that she's a quick thinker. Perhaps I should have a go myself, just to find out what she'd come up with to shoot me down ...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Parramatta Ferry Wharf

Some photos from the partially flooded Parramatta Ferry Wharf, after a couple of hours of rain.

Parramatta River

Parramatta River

Parramatta Ferry Wharf

Parramatta Ferry Wharf

Parramatta Ferry Wharf

Parramatta Ferry Wharf