Friday, March 9, 2018

Return And Earn

I've finally had the chance to try the NSW Government's "Return And Earn" scheme that imposes a $ 0.10 deposit on some drink containers that can then be reclaimed by returning said containers to a "Collection Point". Specifically, I wanted to try the "Reverse Vending machines.

Now that I've done that, I have several questions:

- Why are there so few "Reverse Vending Machines"?

- Why are "Reverse Vending Machines" not located in high traffic areas, in locations that would be convenient for large numbers of potential users? As an example; there's not a single machine to be found in the entire city of Parramatta, a major hub in the Sydney metro area and home to some 25,000 people, featuring a large Westfield shopping centre that would make just one of many excellent choices for those machines

- Why are there no machines along major roads, where commuters could conveniently return their empties on their way to / from work?

- Why have the machines only one slot for non-glass containers, causing long lines (in my test 22 minutes) even in off-peak hours?

- When will the scanners be upgraded so that the machines no longer reject containers with microscopic dents or invisible scratches in the bar code?

- Whose brilliant idea was it to make actually receiving the refund for successfully returned containers as difficult as possible? Does the Government honestly think that either
-- Installing a buggy app that has received overwhelmingly scathing reviews (Android, Apple), setting up a profile, and then sharing ones PayPal details with the Government
-- Take the printed receipt / voucher to the one designated store listed on the voucher and stand in line again to finally receive the cash refund
are acceptable or even convenient?

- Related to previous item: When will the machine be upgraded to directly dispense cash refunds?

- Is the person in charge of implementing the Return And Earn scheme still working in his role? If so, how do I apply for a job in that department; I quite like the idea of a pressure-free work environment where competence is irrelevant and even complete and utter failure results in no consequences whatsoever.