Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Parramatta Winterlight

Once again, Parramatta is putting on the Winterlight Festival. Due to extensive construction work currently in progress in Church Street Mall, the event has been moved to Price Albert Park, and therefore has to do without the impressive backdrop of the illuminated Town Hall building (check out photos from last year here).

Still, the light installation above the ice rink is quite impressive:
Ice rink

There's also a winter bar, a couple (well, three) food stalls, and a giant snow ball for the kids to climb inside. Apart from the ice rink, the event mainly features activities and workshops for kids.

Warm lights around the food stalls add to the cozy atmosphere
Winterlight 2014

At the German hut, you can get some authentic bratwurst for a mere $ 8.
Winterlight 2014

Another food stall
Winterlight 2014