Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Conquering the hills of Sydney Harbor

Apparently, Sydney Harbor either is riddled with hills hidden under those deceptively flat waters, or I must have slept thru a series of massive, Hollywood – worthy breakers on my recent ferry trip. What's more, even though the harbor runs directly into the ocean, it seems to be between 16 and 47 meters (52 to 154 feet) above sea level. I really must go check out that waterfall between North Head and South Head.

Also, even though this particular trip started upstream, the ferry seems to have traveled uphill, starting at 17 meters (56 feet) above sea level, and finishing at 23 meters (75 feet).

Conclusion: I'm not sure I can really trust the GPS module of my Nexus 5.

Elevation profile
Elevation profile from GPS log of ferry trip, as recorded on my Nexus 5. Recording started and ended on ferry, no on-shore traveling

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sydney Harbor - High above the sea

Sydney Harbor … now 34 meters above sea level.

GPS Screenshot