Sunday, August 9, 2009

Time lapse at night

Very short time lapse; built from a small series of light streaks pics.


  1. Kuhl. Sowas in der Art hatte ich auch vor. Aber eben auch das funktioniert bei mir nicht.
    Ich h├Ątte vielleicht etwas mehr Bilder gemacht.

  2. Yep; now that I see how cool the movie turned out, I definitely intend to go back and take more shots. This series wasn't even meant to end up as a video; it's basically a side effect from my attempts to get a decent light streak photo.

    Sadly, with the kind of exposure time required for this sort of pics, my old camera only manages approximately one shot per minute, so getting enough images for, say, a 10 sec video will make for a veeeery long and boring session.