Monday, October 12, 2009

Tilt Shift by Photoshop

Found a neat tutorial on how to create a tilt shift lens effect in Photoshop, and tried it on some pictures from the Columbo archives (admittedly with questionable success):

Sydney City Hall

Parramatta Ferry Wharf

Sydney Opera House

For taking photos with the explicit intent to tilt-shift them in post processing, I'd recommend

  • Use a wide angle lens so you'll have plenty of "unimportant" stuff to blur (My Opera House example consists mainly of the one big object, being partly blurred itself, leading to a not-so-impressing result)

  • Make sure the stuff you want to have in focus is at least close to the center of your shot (The Town Hall picture looks quite unbalanced due to the street scene (in focus) being squeezed into the lower left corner)

  • Nothing emphasizes the "Looking at a miniature model impression like an elevated view point (The Ferry wharf turned out all right, but a view "from above" would definitely improve that picture)

1 comment:

  1. Wie gesagt, mit dem Tilt Shift Maker gehts vielleicht etwas einfacher. Aber sind tolle Bilder geworden.